Sunday, 26 January 2014


Eye Of The Majestic Creature by Leslie Stein, Photo Agnes Prygiel

"Eye Of The Majestic Creature" is Leslie Stein's debut collection of stories published by Fantagraphics Books in 2011. This beautiful comics novel touched me with its pure honesty.

Larry is a young girl in her 20s looking for her own place in life. Trying to escape busy San Francisco, she moves to the countryside where she hopes to find comfort and peace of mind. Instead she ends up feeling pretty lonely and isolated in a small provisional town which does not have much to offer. When visiting home, she gets mixed up in all the emotional drama and her parents' complicated relationship which is no longer a real part of her own story. Going back to her little cottage is on one hand a relief. On the other it is not a real solution. By some point Larry realizes she needs to move on from her sanctuary and go back to the big city.

In her adventures she is accompanied by her guitar named Marshmallow. An interesting bit is that Marshmallow is like... real. By that I mean that it talks, walks and has its' secret life known only to Larry. Wow! THAT is quirky!

Leslie Stein's graphic novel feels is a bit of a personal memoir. I'm amazed with how much this story is similar to mine. Trying to escape London I ended up living in a small town which somehow does not feel right. When seeing my family and visiting my hometown I realize I just moved on so much it all becomes irrelevant. Trying to connect to the past I am confronted with that there is no real way back. I can only move on. But that turns out to be most difficult, because I just don't know where to turn.

Sometimes doing something is better than not doing anything I suppose. Like Larry I've found my own sanctuary, but it is not a place to stay in forever. I have to make a step. Feeling messed up like I do, I now know I am not the only one who is just looking for something in life and is honest about not having any big answers to some personal questions. It's comforting to realize that being in the process does not mean we are lost. We are changing the world around us little by little.